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The Roho Quadtro Select (QS) is an innovative airbag cushion for use in a wheelchair or any seat.

It is suitable for the prevention of bed sores but also helps to fight them, even in advanced ulcers.

It has the unique ISOFLO memory system, through which the pillow takes the shape of the user's body. Each Quadtro Select is divided into four quadrants in which air can either communicate with each other or remain confined within each quadrant.

The choice of air communication in the four quarters is made via the ISOFLO switch on the front of the cushion. When the switch is set to green, air circulates throughout the cushion. When in red, air is restricted to each quadrant.

The Quadtro Select is made of slow-burning Neoprene, which is long-lasting, easy to clean and repairable. The pillow should always be used with the corresponding cover.

The Quadtro Select is available in 2 heights: 5 cm (LPC) and 10 cm (C). There is the possibility of a special order of the height of 7 cm. For advanced bed rest or heavy users, a height of 10 cm is recommended. Also available in many widths and depths, depending on the size of the wheelchair. There is no weight limit.

For telephone orders call 2666300442

Roho Quadtro Select (QS)

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