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Laminated roll with glue, 100% pure chemical pulp, waterproof, absorbent and with high strength capacity, has a perforator every 38cm for easy cutting.

This roll consists of a medical polyethylene (PE) sheet, which is located at the bottom of
roll and a sheet of paper of excellent quality and durability which is located on the top of the roll.
The plastic sheet through its high density and structure ensures the waterproofing of the roll, so that the liquids that may occur during the medical examination
not to soil the medical bed.
The paper sheet on the one hand ensures the sufficient absorption of liquids and on the other hand offers a feeling of comfort and cleanliness to the examined patient.
It is ideal for medical facilities, clinics and hospitals, beauty centers, etc.

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PREMIUM STANDARD Plastic + Purple Paper - 50cm x 50m

€7.50 Regular Price
€4.50Sale Price
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