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The New Aspiret portable suction device is intended for the suction of secretions (mucus, blood, runny nose) in patients with tracheostomy, postoperative or supine patients. It can be used in both adults and children.

Durable 1lt container made of high-strength plastic, with the possibility of sterilization at 120 oC
The tank has a safety valve to prevent overflow
Antibacterial filter
With pressure intensity regulator
Pressure display in kPa and Bar units
Maximum suction power of the device: 15 lt / min
Suitable for home and professional use (mainly in minor operations)
Maximum suction pressure: -0.75 Bar
Container noise level: 59 dBA
Weight 2.2 kg

For telephone orders call 266630044 2

New Aspiret Suction Device - Ca-Mi (15 Lt / Min)

€195.00 Regular Price
€145.64Sale Price
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