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Hartmann incontinence pads for men with antibacterial non-woven material with neutral pH and Dry-Plus technology as well as superabsorbent core that captures unpleasant odors. With lining of non-woven material on the entire surface and white outer side of fabric texture, impermeable to liquids and air permeable thanks to its micropores. Specially designed for male anatomy for safe protection and comfort. Hartmann incontinence pads protect against excessive moisture, are discreet, with wide adhesive strips for easy attachment to the underwear. Available in two types. Application Hartmann incontinence pads for men with mild incontinence, e.g. after prostate surgery. Suitable as a comfortable, safe and discreet protection for active and mobile people

For telephone orders call 2666300442

Molimed ACTIVE male incontinence pads 13x15cm - Hartmann 14 pcs

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