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Memogels are manufactured in Germany and designed according to the latest orthopedic requirements.
Their material is special for soles and has already replaced other materials in Northern Europe, such as silicone.

- Open structure polyurethane with 96% material recovery
- Anatomical design
- Optimal pressure distribution
- High moisture absorption
- Antimicrobial silverline coating with 10% silver
- Stabilizing foot of the foot
- Machine washable at 40C
- PU base
- GEL suffix
- Ability to process and cut
- Also available for children.

Recommended for daily use when walking, standing and exercising, helping to discharge the points that receive the most pressure.

Available in pairs and adapted to any type of sole.


- Metatarsalgia
- Pternalgia
- Muscle pains of tendonitis
- Rheumatoid arthritis
- Postoperative treatment

Sizes: Shoe No. 35 - 52

For telephone orders call 2666300442

MEMOGEL® Orthopedic Sole

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