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With Omega 3, selected vitamins, minerals, selenium, selected amino acids, phosphatidylserine, coenzyme Q10 and Ginko biloba extract.

With ingredients that contribute to the normal functioning of the brain, normal cognitive function and mental performance.

Rich in omega-3 DHA that helps maintain normal brain function.

With iron and zinc that contribute to normal cognitive function.

With pantothenic acid that contributes to normal mental performance.

No preservatives, no added sugar, lactose, gluten and genetically modified ingredients.

Suitable for vegetarians

For telephone orders call 2666300442

IgActive Brain Aid Συμπλήρωμα Διατροφής με Ωμέγα 3 που Συμβάλλει στην Φυσιολογικ

€14.50 Regular Price
€9.05Sale Price
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