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Knuckle protective rubber. The humerus (big toe) is a deformity in which the big toe leans outwards, while the first metatarsal is brought inwards by projecting its head inwards (humerus). The disease is more common in women than men and there is an inherited predisposition. The narrow shoes on the front are also to blame, forcing the big toe to squeeze outwards (towards the second). After middle age, the heel in combination with the increase in weight in women, causes dilation of the metatarsal heads and enlargement of the peripheral part of the foot (metatarsal fall). As a result, the head of the 1st metatarsus, which normally receives the heaviest weight compared to the other metatarsals, is partially discharged, while on the contrary, the heads of the 2nd and 3rd metatarsals receive more load and calluses are created on the sole.

Helpful tips

The protective rubber for the knuckle is an ideal solution for reducing friction and pain. It is recommended to use special splints that reduce the pain, and inhibit the development of the deformity, especially in the initial stage and if a certain degree of flexibility of the finger is maintained, so that correction can be achieved. Auxiliary is the application of special orthopedic soles, which discharge the area of the heads of the metatarsals. Finally, the use of wide shoes with soft leather and low heels work as a relief.

Knuckle protector with Gel features

Knuckle protective rubber with gel made of soft elastic fabric, hypoallergenic. Intended exclusively for the bulge of the callus (knuckle). It offers complete protection and relief where pressure is exerted as the inside of the fabric contains polymer extra soft gel. Very thin and discreet in the application inside the shoes. Suitable for use during walking, work and sports.

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Herbi Feet Knee Protector With Gel HF6016 1pc

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