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Omnisilk self-adhesive tapes. First aid is usually provided by non-specialists. In an emergency, it is not always easy to stay calm and take the right action. For this reason, it is very important to have appropriate and easy-to-use equipment at our disposal.

Self-adhesive tapes from synthetic silk
White self-adhesive tapes with hypoallergenic synthetic glue. They allow the circulation of air and water vapor. They stick securely, firmly, are removed painlessly and without leaving any residue. They are waterproof and easily cut in the zigzag aspect. In a plastic cylinder, with a transparent protective cover. It does not need to be removed before X-ray treatment, as it does not absorb X-rays. The tape is placed on a plastic roll with a spring ring.

Self-adhesive tapes from synthetic silk properties

Gentle on the skin. It does not cause irritation suitable for sensitive skin.
White rayon
Synthetic rubber adhesive
Good adhesion
Flexible, irregular edges.
Thanks to the serrated edges, it is easy to cut and remove even in gloves.
Easy removal without residues
It does not absorb X-rays
Temperature resistant
Long lasting, not easily worn
In a plastic roll
Application stickers

Bonding of any kind
Attachment of detectors, tubes, catheters or measuring instruments

For telephone orders call 2666300442

Hartmann Omnisilk 2.5cm x 5m

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