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The disposable protective uniform TYPE 5/6 PEG14126 consists of heat-sealed Non-woven material. It is a waterproof breathable medical clothing with heat-sealed seams for maximum durability, antistatic, with elastic hood, elastic closure at the ankles and wrists, but also closure with zippers and flap stickers.


Suitable for all tasks related to: Viruses, Bacteria, Food, chemicals, sprays, dyes. Color: white Protection from radioisotopes, microorganisms, biological and industrial hazards Disposable overalls belong to the category of highly protective forms, only if they are accompanied by the European standard EN 14126: 2003 / AC 2004 and are therefore also suitable for the treatment of biological risks.

For telephone orders call 2666300442

Disposable protective overalls EN14126 Non-woven CPS 1 piece

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